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As an African American superhero, Luke Cage’s origin and values are significant to acknowledge in contrast to the depicted origin and values of Steel, another African American superhero of the DC Universe. Steel’s story is one that expresses a perfect life within a segregated environment and his values consist of a belief in the legitimacy of the political-economic system; this is a problematic perspective because it ignores important elements of black life which Luke Cage’s origin and values encompass. Steel believes that removing guns will eliminate the violence within inner cities, a belief which ignores discrimination as the motivation/reason for the violence itself.  As a character, Luke Cage is aware of the impact of discrimination on black life through his experience being wrongfully imprisoned and through his experience in prison of being assaulted and physically sabotaged by a racist guard.Unlike Steel, whose story development ignores the significance of the character’s double identity as an American and as an individual of African descent, or his “African-Americanness”, Luke Cage’s story articulates this identity powerfully through elements of his performance of the alienated black identity which W.E.B Dubois described in the term double consciousness.*This alienated black identity is depicted in Luke Cage’s lack of a mask, meaning he is always visible, as well as in his embrace of the stereotype of black masculinity His constant visibility means that in he is responsible for the actions he takes to survive. He also does not consider himself a superhero, concluding instead that his powers seem natural and that “superheroing” is his one chance as a big, black man of passing. He embraces the stereotype of black masculinity by performing black male rage in order to outsmart his opponents and occasionally chiding himself for betraying his intelligence.


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